Monday, March 9, 2009

....My Views of Euthanasia....

Is "mercy" killing a legitimate way to ending someones life?
My stance on mercy killing for euthanasia is kind of bewildered because you don't have to sullenly kill someone for having euthanasia. There are other options besides "mercy" killing like putting that person in a school that can help them slowly so they can understand. I earnestly don't think that mercy killing is a good way to end some one's life unless that person had a good long life and the only thing that is keeping them alive are tubes that help them breath. I belligerently think that besides "mercy" killing the person that has euthanasia there are other options for example, maybe put yourself in that person's shoes what would you do if your child had euthanasia, would you try to help them or kill them? Think about it, some people don't have choices but to do what they did and others do. People don't just get their Luger and shoot their child.

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alexis said...

I agree that putting someone on "mercy killing" immediately is not the right thing to do