Monday, March 9, 2009

....My Views of Euthanasia....

Is "mercy" killing a legitimate way to ending someones life?
My stance on mercy killing for euthanasia is kind of bewildered because you don't have to sullenly kill someone for having euthanasia. There are other options besides "mercy" killing like putting that person in a school that can help them slowly so they can understand. I earnestly don't think that mercy killing is a good way to end some one's life unless that person had a good long life and the only thing that is keeping them alive are tubes that help them breath. I belligerently think that besides "mercy" killing the person that has euthanasia there are other options for example, maybe put yourself in that person's shoes what would you do if your child had euthanasia, would you try to help them or kill them? Think about it, some people don't have choices but to do what they did and others do. People don't just get their Luger and shoot their child.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

...Euthanasia..."MERCY KILLING"...

Reflecting on Of Mice and Men:
a. Explain George's perspective for what he did to Lennie.
To me I think that it was very hard for George to do what he did to Lennie because to him Lennie was like a brother. Even though George has to take care of Lennie he is still a very protective and caring to Lennie. George does sometimes tell Lennie that he would be better off without him but he never means it.
b. Do you think that was the best thing to do for Lennie?
I actually do think that it was the best thing for Lennie because if George did not pull the trigger Lennie would either be found and shot by Curley or be tortured by Curley and just be miserable for the rest of his life.

Father in Italy Accused of Murder:
a. Using a "quote" to support your response, explain the father's reasons for what he did.
"Late last year, 67-year-old Beppino Englaro, won an intense 10-year legal battle to allow his daughter's feeding tubes to be removed, saying that was her wish."
I think that he wanted to remove his daughter's feeding tubes because couldn't stand to see his daughter suffering. I feel that he didn't want to feel like the only thing that was keeping her alive were the tubes and he didn't want to see her like that.
b. Using a "quote" to support your response, explain if that was the best thing to do for the daughter.
"The court accepted that before the accident, his daughter had expressed a preference for dying over being kept alive artificially."
I think that it was the best thing to do because if she feels that she would prefer to be dead than alive it would be kind of selfish to keep her alive and just for what, to let her suffer more than she already feels?
c. Do you agree or disagree with what the father did? Why?
I actually do agree with the father's decision because wouldn't want to see my child stuck and kept alive only by tubes. I would feel that by pulling the plug I am going to set them free and be in a better place.

Man Kills Family after Losing his Job
a. Imagine and list things that might have been going through the father's mind as he contemplated his "mercy" killing. (In the article, the father's suicide note gives specific evidence of why he did what he did. Elaborate on it.) Specifically, what could he have been negative or paranoid about?
"The bodies were found shortly after the man sent a fax to a local television station stating that he and his wife had both been made redundant and had decided the only way out was to kill themselves and their children."
The parent thought about what they going to do before they did that. In the quote above it says that they had decided the only way out was to kill their childeren and thenselves. I think that the father had many things going through his mind like how scared he was and maybe having second thoughts after looking at his childerens faces.
b.What are some ways that parents can support children (to succeed in life) that do NOT require money?
To me supporting a child doesn't mean buying them everything they want to me it just means loving them because it does't matter if that child has the best bike they need love. The parent can also tell them to try their best at anything they do because in order to make it you have to try your best.