Monday, November 3, 2008

The Bombing of Hiroshima

1)This picture is a picture of a cherry tree in the Chou Park 800 meters away the hypo center and to me looks very peaceful. The tree is losing its leaves and in the back you can see all of the houses and all of the buildings that people work at. It also looks windy. This picture was taken before the bombing all started.

2) This is a picture of a wooden bridge after the bombing and all that's left are the shadows imprinted on the floor of the parapets that hold the bridge together. In the picture instead of the shadows being darker they are lighter than the floor. This bridge is 2,890 feet (880 meters) south-south-west of the hypo center. The shadows give a clue as to the exact location of the hypo center.

3) Here is a survivor from the Hiroshima bombing. Hibakusha is the term widely used in Japan referring to victims of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. When I look at this picture it makes me feel very sad knowing that innocent people had to go through this and even babies. If the people didn't die they survived and ended up getting scared or very hurt some people probably lost body parts.

4) This picture was drawn by a surviver from the bombing of Hiroshima. This is a picture of people who are suffering from getting hit by the bomb. There is woman on the ground asking for help from the woman that is walking away. In the background there are people on the floor slowly dieing that need medical treatment really bad.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Views on abortion

  1. I think that abortion is wrong and I'm against it.I am PRO- life because:
  • if the woman get's an abortion, she doesn't take responsibility for her actions.
  • It can hurt the person physically.
  • The baby inside the woman's stomach is still a human life.

2. Abortion damages women
"Some people oppose abortion because it can damage the long-term physical and emotional health of women who have an abortion

Abortion is a male plot "They argue that men see the risk of pregnancy as something that stops men having sex when they want it. If men are to achieve full sexual freedom (the freedom to have sex without responsibility) it is essential that abortion be freely available to backup contraception."

3. The first quote says that it can damage the long- term physical and emotional health of women who have an abortion meaning the abortion can hurt the woman.

The second quote says that the women get abortions so that the woman or man in the situation don't have to take responsibility for their actions .