Wednesday, February 4, 2009


For Ralph I chose Robbie Amell because he can be a good leader to every one. He’s tall and that’s an advantage to get fruits from trees and the hard to reach places. He can help out the little kids out. He can make good decisions that most can agree on. He has a great smile.
For Jack I chose Tom Felton from the movie Harry Potter. I chose him because in the movie his character is mean and bossy and like Jack he expects to be the center of attention. He gets mad if it doesn't go his way. He is a very serious person when he's not the person that is chosen for the job. I also chose Tom to be my Jack because he has that look going for him.

For the role of Piggy I chose Spencer Breslin from the movie The Cat in the Hat. I chose him as my Piggy because he talks a lot and no one really listens to him since he is a little boy and that is similar to Piggy because people don't listen to him just because he is fat. I also had chose to be him because he has a fun and energetic attitude and that helps the character be more alive.

For the role of Simon I chose Liam Aiken from the movie A Seires of Unfortunate Events. I chose Liam to play the role of Simon because he is a very shy guy. He doesn't really joke around. The third reason that I chose him was because he is smart, kind, and does what needs to be done before anything else.

For the role of Roger I chose Daryl Sabara from the movie Spykids. I chose him because he has that mysterious look going for him and just like in the book so is Roger. They both keep to themselves. He can be mean if he needs to be.

Three things that I would change in my story would be:
> that they find the plane that they were in and use teamwork to make a house for shelter.
>instead of finding a conch they find a whistle that the pilot had and use it to find out if anyone else is on the island.
>instead of a choir group Jack and the hunters can be in a school sport like baseball or football.

Instead of the title being Lord of the Flies I would change it to STUCK!

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